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Warning about Antoniotsai guitars and mandolins!

There are now more than 70 posts here of people having problems with Antoniotsai and his work!

Here's how guy resolved the scam from Antoniostai (Tony)


Well i'm sad to say i received a guitar from antoniosai and to say the least its horrible and cracked! not only that but unplayable as well. I contacted them via email and they told me send it back and we will refund your money. granted i only paid 20 dollars for the auction but he charged me 140.00 for shipping this piece of firewood. i offered to send it back c.o.d but he wouldn't take that. so i'm sitting here out 160.00.this is a scam he knows your not going to pay another120.00 to get 20.00 back. so i filed with ebay and paypal i also included a link to your site (hope you don't mind) ebay says i have a strong case so we will see what paypal says. i'm riding this all the way to the end. I've really pronounced his shipping scam. as i know he pays a bulk rate for shipping his instruments and it doesn't cost him 140.00 to ship a guitar. i've also told them he has a habit of saying the guitar never arrived so i will pay 5 bucks to make sure he has to sign for it. i will keep you posted!! You can post this if u want. my item number is    310148260179 take care, Rob
So, here's what I did:
I had previously emailed you letting you know of antoniotsai sending me a cracked guitar and trying to charge me outrageous shipping to return it. Paul his rep stuck to the "shop policy"" that the buyer pays the ridiculous shipping to send it back to the end.I had offered to keep the guitar if he refunded me 80.00 to get it fixed. He declined saying they would not pay. So I proceeded to tell him I would not stand for being ripped off and that i would have him removed from ebay. still he said no refund>So here's how i handled this jerk.
1.take pictures of the defective instrument
2.File a complaint with ebay and paypal your statement to both tell them everything that's wrong with your instrument. Let them know how he describes his guitars as high quality which they are not. ask them to read his item description then tell them what he sent you. example mine came with strings right on the frets making it unplayable, rusty strings and the peg holes were drilled to big.
4.give them a link to this site!
5.offer pictures

Soon as they got word from paypal they agreed to a full refund!! they gave me 2 choices
1.they would have their shipper pick up the guitar, then when they received it they would refund all my money and shipping to.
2.they would take my offer to them to refund my 80.00 and    get to keep the guitar.

I took option 2 cause i can fix the guitar myself and i've heard stories of them saying they never got it back.
I got money so i'm here to tell you it can be done. just don't be rude be firm and follow through with what you tell them u r going to do. remember any email you send them they can use against u. so no cussing or name calling. the rules and be professional and you will win i did.
oh yeah thanks for this complaint site i'm sure it helped my case when ebay read it. thanks, Robert
ps. in their feedback i left. "guitar scam search antoniosai  on yahoo over 60 people scammed" when u search this is the 3rd site down gotta love that!


Contact eBay Customer Support <>
phone: 1-866-643-3720

Don't forget to also go through PayPal...

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