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CHI offers specialized classes, courses and workshops designed to help people of all ages learn the fundamental principles and health practices that can drastically improve the overall health and longevity of each participant. Understanding how the body, mind, spirit connection works is the first step to creating lasting, positive changes that allow each person to heal from the inside out… naturally! We reveal to you an awareness about the body that everyone should know, but the doctors aren't providing. Get your health back, without the use of prescription drugs or surgery. Self-Care for LIFE!


"Healthy Living... Naturally!"

The Center for Holistic Instruction, LLC (CHI) is dedicated to providing exceptional life sustaining information to people of all ages who are passionate about their health and the contribution that a healthy lifestyle brings to our world.

CHI promotes holistic health as an approach to life by encouraging you to:


Balance and integrate your body, mind, spirit, family and society


Create healthy, respectful, cooperative relationships with others and the environment


Establish lifestyle choices that promote wellness-oriented results


Actively participate in your growth process and health decisions through education at the Center for Holistic Instruction, LLC

It is our philosophy that humans can not live in isolation and therefore the personal growth of the mind, body and spirit is not enough to promote a healthy world. Each of us co-exists within a family and society. Wisdom has been defined as the proper application of accumulative knowledge. What we do with the knowledge we have and how we relate to the ones we come in contact with will not only shape our own destiny, but that of our world as well. It is also our belief that as each person heals, so does the planet and universe.

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Are you getting enough WATER?

Have you ever seen a wilting house plant, kept half alive, never getting all the water it really needs to look its best? Your body is just like that plant, half wilted, so to speak if you don't drink enough pure water. Next to oxygen, water is the most important nutrient for life. Over two thirds of your body is made up of water, and your brain, your most vital organ, is approximately 85 percent water. Despite how vital this substance is to our health and survival, most of us do not drink enough water to enjoy the best of health. Coffee, tea, sodas and other liquids do not have the same properties as plain, pure water. In fact most of us drink more fluids each day that act as diuretics, than we drink of pure water each day.  Learn more about the affects of dehydration to our bodies and the resulting maladies.

We have much to offer one who is searching for techniques and methods that will bring about a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.
CHI is dedicated to sharing ideas and teaching ideals that will enable one to take control of their health. Each of us should take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. There is a physical manifestation for everything we think, do, or say.
Give someone a fish and they eat for a day. Teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime. Our goal is to help establish a more informed, educated, health conscious society. We don't have patients, customers or clients. Everyone is a "student", enrolled in the school of LIFE.

We provide regular ongoing classes in Yang Style Tai Chi and Qigong (chi gong) as well as Esoma Kungfu where Asian philosophy and Mind - Body - Spirit connection are interwoven into our non competitive curriculum for both children and adults.
Grandmaster Martin Studied Tai Chi mostly from Todd Qian (Qian Xinyu). Xinyu is the son of Grandmaster Qian Timing. (More about Qian Timing later.)

Tree Standing Qigong is about four thousand years old, and is used for everything from building strength for martial arts to self-healing, lowering blood pressure, increasing respiration and alertness, reducing stress and pain, and improving health and energy overall. The result is a high level of internal motion within the body that drives your Qi to move through its energy channels as the blood surges through your veins and arteries. Eventually you expand beyond your normal limits of endurance to a highly energized state of alert tranquility.

Primordial Qigong: This simple yet powerful set of movements taps the energy of the four directions (East, West, South, North) and combines them with the Universal energy for cultivating Qi. It's the most powerful qigong form we've found.
This is a wonderful formal exercise for those who are developing their Qi, but feel as though they need something more.

Essential Grounding: Taichi Qigong
Correct structural alignment with, and proper grounding to the earth, provide the basis for all Taichi and Qigong practice. Through essential standing postures, breath exercises, and work on opening of the primary Yin centers (Perineum and Kidney 1 Points), a deep sense of rooting and connection with the earth is developed. Simple standing in prescribed postures develops correct structural alignment, and a lower center of gravity, greatly aiding Qi flow. A MUST for ALL students of Taichi!

The Six Healing Sounds is a basic relaxation and self-healing technique utilizing simple arm movements and special sounds to transform negative emotion/energy into positive vitality. This practice uses color, sound and postures that result in improved digestion, reduced internal stress, reduced insomnia and headaches, and greater vitality as the Qi flow increases through the different organs.

Taichi Stretching: In this workshop, you will learn the dos and don'ts of stretching and relaxing by using simple movements, directed by qi and coordinated with the breath. These are perfect as warm-ups to taichi or as a wonderful way to start your day. Youth or seniors can perform this routine.

The Microcosmic Orbit is the first level for anyone wanting to cultivate and refine their life-force energy (Qi). By channeling Universal, Cosmic and Earth energies, the student will learn to circulate Qi through the primary acupuncture channels of the body.

The Inner Smile: A genuine smile is the most universal of all positive energies recognizable by the human mind. Regardless of where one travels on the globe, a smile is welcomed by every culture. What is it that we recognize in a smile? Is it the expression on one's face, or is it the actual energy transferred from one person to another? We believe that there is an attracting, healing quality that radiates from the process of smiling. By learning to create, duplicate and cultivate this same healing energy, we can direct and focus this healing energy to the organs, glands and systems within the body, and rid them of the harmful effects of stored negative emotions.

Defense For Women
This is not the typical course where women are taught martial arts. Learning a martial art takes time and dedication before it becomes effective on the street. This course teaches how to use the mind to think, move, act, react and observer not to become a victim. If attack is inevitable, you will learn what natural weapons you have and how to effectively use them to the attacker's vital areas! By the end of the course, you will be confident enough of your skills to break a board with your bare hands!
· Home and Travel Security
· Weight Shifting Essentials
· Statistical Data
· Proper Response Training
· Effective Weapons of the Body
· Vulnerable Targets that Work!.
Master Yourself. Become your own Teacher & Healer.
Reclaim your Health, Wealth, Longevity & Spirit.
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